Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Child's Play

Police and gamers have one thing in common...the media paints both with a broad brush.  When the media reports something negative about a police officer in one part of the country, it reflects poorly on ALL police officers.

The same can be said about gamers.  Articles appear that link video gaming to violence and gamers are portrayed as social misfits that never leave mom's basement.

Well, this group of misfits got out of the basement and started something amazing.  Child's Play is the gamers charity.  Since 2003, childsplaycharity.org has enabled gamers to donate games and toys to children's hospitals all over the country.  The hospitals create a wishlist, and donors can purchase items directly for the kids at the hospital.

In 2009, $1,780,870.40 was raised by child's play for children's hospitals all over the world.  So visit today using the link in this post or the one in the sidebar of my blog.

Make a difference.

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